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Highlights / Today's Performance
Monday - May 22nd
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A solid day in chat on  BBRY  Breaking out into a new 52 week high on increased volume and up 49.3% since our alert was given in chat along with an alert sent via email along with text   (free to new members)  on April 11th.  PI  Nice up trending stock, up 17.1% since our alert on May 17th.  LABU  Appears to be basing (finding support) and up 8.9% since our alert given on May 11th.  See more details (with setups) below.
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PI  Alerted May 9th @ $38.18 and more recently on May 17th @ $39.45

Below are real excerpts from our chat room just 2 days after members where alerted.

LIVE Trade Pro  Chat Log 05-19-17

09:52 am   Scott : PI poised to move higher
09:53 am   Scott : markets, bulls in control
09:55 am   Scott : PI new HOD
09:59 am   Scott : PI Alerted lower however still see this as at attractive levels here, poised to move higher. "this update posted here in chat, also sent to members via email and text"
10:08 am   Scott : PI this one often just pops from out of no where, best to be in while it's boring
10:59 am   Scott : PI sneaking up

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Recent Percentage Gainers.
NUGT up 23.5% since our alert May 10th.  AMD up 26.9% since our alert was given May 9th.   AAOI  up 26.1% since our alert was given on April 5th.  PI  (day tradeup 19.9% since our alert on April 5th.  WIX  up 15.4% since our alert on April 24th.  JDST up 27.6% since our alert was given on April 21st.  UVXY  (short) up 28.7% since our alert on April 4th  JDST (GDX) up 20.1% since our alert on April 17th BBRY up 18.0% since our alert given on April 10th  NUGT up 18.0% since alert on April 3rd  UVXY up 11.0%  EDIT up 35.1%  LABU up 27.3%  NUGT   (GDX) up 36.0%  JDST up 23.5%  PI up 27.0%   JDST  up 43.3%

Recent stocks alerted below in real time.
This list does not cover trades called by members, including day trades from our live chat room.  Some trades that are NOT included below. Stocks alerted with a loss/gain of 1.5% or less are not included in this listing.

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Recent Testimonials

Clayton T.

2nd day trading with you and seeing big gains!!! After a month in the red, all green today!!! Great service indeed. 

Mark I.

Great first week Scott.  I enjoyed the trial $$$ and wish to continue on.  You have a gift for seeing things most can’t see including me:-)

Alison E.

Hi Scott.  You've done a superlative job of keeping your flock focused on and invested in stocks which have soared higher, a la PI and EXAS.  To say nothing of AAOI alert this morning.  Jumped in there too.  Infinite and extreme thanks....

Alison E.

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