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See more details below with buy/sell points and charts.
Highlights From (LIVE) Chat   

Friday - February 27th
A solid day in chat on stocks like TRUE closing nicely above the 50 day average, up 13.1% since our alert on this stock given in live chat along with an alert sent via email and text message (Feb. 25th) BDSI saw nice continuation, up 5.2% since alerted on Feb. 26th  RAVE good reversal with volume increasing, now up 7.9% since our alert Feb. 25th  DRNA Though thinking it prudent to lock in some of these gains, up 10.0% since our alert on Feb. 25th I still believe this one could well go higher (swing)

See REAL trades that clearly show why our strategy to "assure profit" works.  View our buy/sell points below (with charts) on stocks like GPRO TUBE BABA TKMR OAS JUNO VTAE CLDX SRPT JMEI VJET More.

Inside our LIVE chat. Several excellent trades called by members also today on stocks like COH  CSTE VIP MEIP NLNK CLNE SALT Nicely done guys.
Direct from LIVE chat today(Monday, Feb. 23rd)
[09:48 am]   Ron F : added BIOC this morning
[10:58 am]   Ron F : added BIOC at 1.75 this morning... great PR before market
[11:01 am]   Ron F : BIOC +34% from entry
[12:33 pm]   Ron F : wow... BIOC +44%
[01:25 pm]   Ron F : calling it a day... amazing BIOC +60% from entry this morning.....nice follow thru ARWR another +8%..
[02:20 pm]   John W : CLDX - sold +31%. Earnings tomorrow combined with today's rip says time to "ensure profits"
[03:25 pm]   Bob VG : CYBR puts out, close enuf to 58 and 60'50. 12.8 from 9.7

Direct from LIVE chat today. (Monday, Feb. 9th)
[10:24 am]   Moritz S : sold all OPK +70%
Congrats to the many of you that locked in gains "assured profits" on OAS (oil stocks) yesterday, up 28.8% overnight! (02-04-15)
It's not so much the percentage of successful alerts that is so exciting to me but more so the large percentage of members profiting from them that makes it VERY exciting.
One of our best ever (percentage gainer) stocks to trade
One of our best ever percentage gainer stocks to trade.
View our complete track record with annatated charts on KITE
Direct from LIVE chat today(Monday, Feb. 2nd)
[03:30 pm]   Moritz S : out half EPE 25%

Direct from LIVE chat today. (Wednesday, Jan. 28th)
[03:39 pm]   John W : UVXY - sold Feb $24.50 calls +71%
Direct from LIVE chat today. (Wednesday, Jan. 21st)
[11:11 am]   Barry C : Thanks Scott, bought CLDX calls at $1.60, out at $4.60!

Direct from LIVE chat today. (Thursday, Jan. 15th)

[10:48 am]   Scott : KITE, think this likely starts getting sell pressure just under $90.00
[01:23 pm]   Scott : KITE, sure enough, no bounce this time
[01:23 pm]   John S : I bought PUTS at the open
[01:24 pm]   John S : I was nervous because it has a habit of opening weak and bouncing, after that first drop, I loaded the boat lol.
[01:24 pm]   John S : Thanks Scott
[01:28 pm]   John S : Thank you for reaffirming my feelings this morning with your alerts Scott. You're the man.
[01:28 pm]   Scott : love it
[01:35 pm]   John S : Done. All out. +576% profit. You're the real deal Scott.
[01:36 pm]   Scott : :)
Direct from LIVE chat today(Wednesday,  Jan. 14th)

[10:13 am]   Angelo Z : pickin up some BBRY down here, an old trade of mine, usually works
[01:57 pm]   Angelo Z : bought the BBRY 9.40 avg already, tight stop, we'll see :)
[03:50 pm]   Ron F : been holding BBRY forever... 52 wk hi 12.50's...
[03:54 pm]   Eric B : gunna hit my sell order bbry??
[03:54 pm]   Ron F : gonna hold BBRY...raised stop
[03:55 pm]   Eric B : out 50% of blackberry 16% gain thank you Angelo for your comments today
Direct from LIVE chat today. (Monday,  Jan. 12th)
[09:52 am]   Jeff G : JUNO I had from $48 something, sold at $57
[10:49 am]   Ram R : Out of rest JUNO. From 50.00 to 57.00. Thanks Scott :)
This just in from another NEW excited member!
February 4, 2015  5:56 PM
Hello Scott.
Just wanted to let you know that after trying the chat room for two days I decided to stay as a member.
This was exactly what I was looking for - a room with no rush and a few good picks per day. I would add that the detailed explanations about why you make each pick are extremely important.
I'm pretty sure I'll have good results trading with you.
This just in from another NEW excited member!
Janurary 27, 2015  3:07 PM
Hey Scott,
Thank you for everything.  Not only the picks but the education on how to trade.  I have really dialed in my discipline and trading style since I started with you.  
I am now selling into profits and take small losses before you alert us to do so on a regular basis, I must be learning something!  I have doubled my money in 3 months.
TRADING OPTIONS: Thanks for the alert on you option buy today on NUGT.  33% profits here in one day.  I am newer to option trading, so If you could alert more option trades that would really help me learn that side of trading.
Thanks Again,
This just in from another NEW excited member!
Janurary 27, 2015  3:07 PM
Just to let you know Im up $40K since I began with you, with a $180,000.00 acccount.
Pepe S
This just in from another NEW excited member!
Janurary 24, 2015  5:09 PM
By the way....I have made significant gains from your alerts... $15k this month and only on a $70k portfolio. 
James M.
This just in from another NEW excited member!
Janurary 8, 2015  3:08 PM
Thank you...love your program...changed my whole mindset...Kodi
This just in from another NEW excited member!
Janurary 6, 2015  5:42 PM

Hi Scott,
I joined last night and today was the first day following your chatroom and alerts.
All I can say is WOW. Although I was stealth entire day in the chatroom but trust me
I was screaming to watch JUNO and TRUE took off!! Already made profits for years of subscription! I can't believe I made $$ in a market day like today.
Thanks again.

Direct from LIVE chat today. (Monday,  Jan. 5th)
[09:22 am] Adam B: Sold my CNAT this morning for a 40% gain since friday :) Thanks John (I think he gave the heads up)
[03:34 pm] Bob V: NUGT calls now +44%, sweet :)
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from (LIVE) Chat.
Direct from LIVE chat today. (Friday,  Jan. 2nd)
[11:20 am]   Bob VG : UVXY calls out 9.8 from 5.0, +96% :D
[11:20 am]   John W : INVN - ready to break out
[11:20 am]   Scott : nice bob!!
[11:20 am]   Bob VG : thx
[11:20 am]   Dave : nice way to start off the new year, Bob
Direct from LIVE chat today. (Friday,  Dec. 26th)
[03:33 pm]   Ravi P : got in at 43 on JUNO
[03:33 pm]   Scott : sweet

Direct from LIVE chat (recently)

[10:18 am]   Kevin Z : BABA sold for 500% profit
[12:20 pm] Gav T: sold BABA dec 90 calls 3 contracts +329%, exercised 2 contracts
[12:21 pm]   Gav T : 200 shares (common) long
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Direct from LIVE chat today. (Monday,  Nov. 10th)
[12:20 pm] Gav T: sold BABA dec 90 calls 3 contracts +329%, exercised 2 contracts

Direct from LIVE chat. (Aug.-8th)
[11:22 am]   Robert B : i have made more the couple of months on here than i did the past 2 years
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LIVE Chat, Recored  July 17th (Highlights
See how trading strategies got implemented and how stocks where actually traded in real time, inside our live chat room on stocks like QQQ DANG UVXY BIS IBB NUGT GDX WWE KNDI and more.

An exciting letter I received from a member just last night (Tues, 06-17-14)

Thank you – After 6 months plus with you… I’m starting to figure it out!  Studying, learning, watching, etc.  I can now often see what you see in your alerts.  I actually laughed out loud last week when you alerted FIO b/c I bought it prior to you mentioning it in chat. It was setting up nice with my charts… I was so psyched that you agreed with my buy… and then alerted it.  Needless to say, we did well on that one. I also bought TWTR, GOMO and SCTY prior to alerts recently b/c I saw them setting up nicely.  It’s giving me confidence that I’m on the right track.  I still have a lot to learn, but it feels good not being 1000% reliant on some guy in Vermont to tell me where to put my money.  Thanks a million for showing me the way Scott.  I appreciate it!


Robert P.

(additions note)  Just found out the gentleman mentioned above also works a full time job while using my alerts.  :)
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Recent Testimonials

Crystal L.

Dear Scott

I am a new but quiet member of your service.  I joined a few weeks ago and want to express how pleased I am.  I am not able to be part of the live chat, however I pay strict attention to your live alerts and am very impressed with the accuracy of your calls.
I made over $3k with my first trade NLNK on 11/28.  Since then, I have traded SFS, EYES,  TUBE, KITE, VA and TRUE.  I appreciate the timeliness of your alerts and the focus of your comments in the chat room (I read the transcripts at the end of the day).  

Thank you for all of these gems in an otherwise rocky market.

Satyam V.

I've tried other services but returned back to you because you’re the most consistent.

Neetu V.

Hi Scott, just wanted to inform you that you are doing some amazing stuff. God bless you, this has been my best month of the year. Getting more confidence with you alongside!

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