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Real time trade alerts given to you the moment that I anticipate a move, before the breakout.  See more member benefits...

Learn how to trade (buy/sell) stocks, live.
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After viewing some of our best breakout stocks listed below that where recently alerted in real time, you may also want to check out our stocks to watch page for others potentially getting ready to move now on high volume. We also have recently updated annotated charts on other stock set ups, including longer term swing trades.

Our stocks picks for active traders are alerted in "real time" with charts and specifics on the best time to buy and to take profits.  You can view real trades by real people in our live, online chat room using our exclusive trade alerts and trading strategies.

See some recent percentage gainers below.

Understand that any stock mentioned is not a specific buy and/or sell recommendation. All information provided herein is strictly for educational purposes only. It is always your decision on what stocks you choose to trade and at what price.

I Scott Smith accept no responsibility for any types of losses directly or indirectly due to the contribution of this information.

Discover here, time proven techniques that you can start to implement right away using my exclusive stock alerts or stocks you're currently trading on your own now.  ...and above all, how you can assure more profits, on an on going basis.

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Recent Testimonials

Andrew M.

Just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with you in the Chat. You did an amazing job showing/teaching everyone, and as a beginner I learned so much from you, Rome and the rest of the amazing group you assembled. Unfortunately, these next few months, I need to focus on my career. (Thanks to some of the earnings I made from you, I am following my dream to become a Sailing Instructor/Captain in the United States Virgin Islands) I plan to rejoin you in the future but right now as I transition to a new home, and and a new career every penny counts. Take care Scott and I will CERTAINLY be back as soon as I can


Pauline C.

YELP where else can u make over 4% in less than 3 minutes??  haha!    
i thought no stay... greedy, greedy look what TWTR did, but I  followed my scalping process and headed out to play with my dogs... and look what happened.
theres something particularly sweet in making money on the days when u expect choppy to nothing,
 u have me looking in all sorts of places i wouldn't be looking plus your commentary, cautious but...   helps me tune out the bearish opinions and get down to work.  plus all those mentions in there has me casting a wider and wider net as i learn to apply my process to trades on the fly... 
the more i improve at following, staying in longer and longer your trades the more i make.
wow.... wow!!      
another awesome, fun $ day!!!!!

Hasan H.

Dear Scott

I'm a loyal customer and I just want you to know that I'm counting on your Live Alert emails more than the chatroom. My time zone doesn't allow me to get in the chat room for every session. 
People like me who are not able to be in live chat love your service and updates.
I made money last two months from your alerts more than I made in 2013. 
The best service ever for me since 2005

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