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jaytrader: do you guys realize.. yesterday this room had 3 of 5 top movers on google's finance page, today two?  
jaytrader: that's like... crazy 

View some of our best percentage gainers just below.
GPRO (#1 Winner, 2015

After viewing some of our best breakout stocks listed below that where recently alerted in real time, you may also want to check out our stocks to watch page for others potentially getting ready to move now on high volume. We also have recently updated annotated charts on other stock set ups, including longer term swing trades.

Our stocks picks for active traders are alerted in "real time" with charts and specifics on the best time to buy and to take profits.  You can view real trades by real people in our live, online chat room using our exclusive trade alerts and trading strategies.

See some recent percentage gainers below.

Understand that any stock mentioned is not a specific buy and/or sell recommendation. All information provided herein is strictly for educational purposes only. It is always your decision on what stocks you choose to trade and at what price.

I Scott Smith accept no responsibility for any types of losses directly or indirectly due to the contribution of this information.

Discover here, time proven techniques that you can start to implement right away using my exclusive stock alerts or stocks you're currently trading on your own now.  ...and above all, how you can assure more profits, on an on going basis.

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Recent Testimonials

Gustavo A

Hey Scott,  Just wanted to write to thank you for the quick response this morning.

It is so great to use a service that I don't have to be glued to a computer.  Very happy so far, off tomorrow and will finally be joining you in Chat. Thanks!

P.S. To all thinking about joining, best getting started page ever!!!

Chisom A.

Very nice service you are offering here.  I love the attention to detail and the constant updates.  Your dedication to this really shows, so thank you. 

Dave G.

Outstanding day today! Best thus far. Had to increase the width of my columns on my spreadsheet today as my account total increased so much that I needed another decimal place! Now THAT's a good day.

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